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Ph (02) 9517 9932
Newtown Nutrition Office Location:
Suite 2, Level 1, 333 King St, Newtown

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Welcome to Newtown Nutrition!

Breaking news!

Newtown Nutrition welcomes two new dietitians to our team!

Amber Sewell-Green, Plant-Based Dietitian focuses on supporting Vegan and Vegetarian nutrition.

Claire Marnane, focusing on Mind-Body Nutrition, has extensive expertise in helping people to manage their Eating Disorder.

Newtown Nutrition strives to help you to achieve your health, nutrition and eating goals.

If you are after the school ma'am, rap-you-over-the knuckles style of dietitian you are in the wrong place. Newtown Nutrition dietitians are here to help you, not scold you.

Whatever your nutrition needs we will help you to identify what you can do to improve. Our knowledgeable dietitians offer up-to-date nutrition and lifestyle advice in the areas you need and help you to create strategies to work towards your goals. 

Newtown Nutrition is a fad-diet free zone. We don't offer quick fixes or magic solutions. Our dietitians will help you to wade through the myriad of confusing information, make sense of the relevant scientific knowledge, and throw in a measure of common sense and plenty of nurturing support to help you make the changes you need to improve your health.

Check out our detailed list of ways that we can help you, or contact us if you have any other areas you would like to discuss.



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