Newtown Nutrition

Ph (02) 9517 9932
Newtown Nutrition Office Location:
Suite 2, Level 1, 333 King St, Newtown

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Newtown Nutrition Ethos

Client-centred approach

At Newtown Nutrition, we are focused on you! We don't believe in 'one-size-fits all' diets, but work with you to create changes to your diet that suit your body and your lifestyle. We focus not just on the calories, but on ensuring you are receiving optimum nutrition.

Real food

Our philosophy on healthy eating was summed up best by Michael Pollan 

'Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.'

As much as possible we try to encourage healthy changes to your diet that involve real food, rather than processed products.


But it's not just the health of humans that we care about, looking after our planet is also a high priority to us at Newtown Nutrition. Wherever possible we try to make changes that are healthy for ourselves as well as for our planet. We make conscious choices not only about what we eat but also what we breathe and reducing our Carbon Footprint including:

Our food

Our office

  • Paper re-use wherever possible
  • Recycled paper & envelopes
  • Plant-based paints  and plant oil stains from The Natural Paint Place
manic organic basket organic vege garden organic vege basket