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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, the female body goes through amazing changes to support the growth and development of another life. This is a time where some of the nutritional needs of women increase and so it is important to ensure that both mum and bub get the essential nutrients needed for good development and health.

Planning a Pregnancy

If you are planning a pregnancy, you may like to ensure that your body is at its best before conceiving. Our dietitians can help you assess your current diet and start getting your body ready for carrying a baby, whatever your situation may be.

Nutrition during Pregnancy

If you are already pregnant, you certainly need to ensure that you are getting the various important nutrients essential for you and your growing baby. Our dietitians can guide you through which nutrients are important and give you practical suggestions on how to get them through your diet.

Managing symptoms during Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience symptoms such as nausea and/or vomiting, heartburn and excessive constipation, which may affect their ability to eat well and therefore compromise their and baby's nutritional status. Our dietitians can give you tips on how to manage these symptoms through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Managing your health during Pregnancy

Health issues such as Gestational Diabetes require careful management for an optimal outcome for you and your baby. Working alongside your Obstetric team and Endocrinologist, dietitians at Newtown Nutrition can help you to manage your blood glucose levels with appropriate changes to your eating patterns. 

Common Questions

Wondering whether you should take a nutritional supplement during pregnancy? Or is it safe to have caffeine or alcohol? Or what foods are unsafe to eat during pregnancy? Or even if you are unsure about how much weight is a healthy amount to gain during pregnancy, then come and see us. We can help address any nutritional questions you may have during your pregnancy.

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