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Food Intolerance

Do you get any of the following symptoms:     
  • migraines after red wine, cheese or chocolate?
  • rashes after eating strawberries?
  • kids go wild after drinking red cordial? 
  • bloating after eating bread?
  • short of breath or headachey with a glass of white wine?
For some people the symptoms (and many more!) can be triggered by food intolerances.

What foods trigger symptoms?

Food intolerances may be to the additives - the preservatives, colours, flavours or flavour enhancers added to processed foods. However some people also experience symptoms to naturally occurring components of our foods, such as the naturally-occurring compounds which give food flavour, or natural sugars such as lactose or fructose.

As symptoms don't always occur directly after eating a food, it's not always obvious which foods may be triggering your symptoms.

How can a dietitian help me with food intolerances?

Our dietitians can take a look at your current diet, your symptoms (now and in the past!) to get a picture of whether food intolerances may be playing a role for you. Your dietitian may step you through an elimination diet  to identify which food plays a role in your symptoms (and just as importantly which ones don't!) and help you to create a diet and lifestyle that is healthy for you. Your dietitian will ensure your diet is nutritionally adequate so you aren't missing out on important nutrients when you take our certain foods.

We are experienced with investigating food chemical sensitivities and can help you implement a low chemical diet (e.g. RPAH Elimination Diet, sometimes known as the 'FAILSAFE' diet), followed by food challenges to investigate food chemical sensitivities.

We can also also help you with other types of food intolerance, such as dairy intolerance, wheat or gluten intolerance, lactose or fructose intolerance and FODMAPs, and are experienced in managing Coeliac Disease.

Take a look at our 'how can we help?' table to help you choose which dietitian will be best suited to your needs.

Also see our 'Towards a Happy Gut' IBS support package

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Liz Beavis is now also conducting Skype consultations for Food Intolerance.

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