Dairy Free Custard – only 3 Ingredients and 2 minutes!

By July 13, 2017Restore Your Gut

Dairy free custard, 3 ingredients, 2 minutes

This dairy free custard contains legumes which are great for keeping your gut healthy! It is perfect for people with  food intolerances and is vegan friendly.

Want to look after your gut?  Include legumes in your diet! Beans and lentils are great food for our healthy gut bacteria. Try this 3 ingredient, 2 minute wholefoods custard. Adaptable for FODMAP or food chemical intolerances.

Ingredients: (makes 5 snack serves)

– 2 ripe bananas or 1 cup cooked and mashed swede
– 1 tsp pure vanilla
– 2 x cans of cannellini beans rinsed well (or other bean of choice)
– Fruit (e.g. pear, berries) or maple syrup for extra sweetness if needed


1. Puree all ingredients in a blender or Nutribullet. Add a little water or milk of choice if too thick. Cinnamon works nicely in there too.

If you have IBS and are sensitive to legumes, trial a small portion like 1/4 cup.

Legumes can also be replaced for another starchy vegetable like swede or pumpkin if needed.

If you don’t tolerate banana, swap banana for another fruit like berries and trial a small portion like 1/4 cup.

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