What to Expect From Your Consultation

Your dietitian has a few goals for her time with you

  • helping you to address your health-focused goals
  • helping you to achieve optimal nutrition
  • helping you to achieve an understanding of how you can plan appropriate meals and snacks
  • helping you to achieve a healthy relationship with food

Of course what that will look like for you could be very different than for the next person as everyone sees a dietitian for different reasons, and everyone’s journey is different!

A dietitian consultation is very different from a consultation with your doctor. Your first consultation with a dietitian is for 1 hour (or longer for some health conditions), so we have time to take a detailed look at your health issues and your current diet and lifestyle patterns. Your dietitian will spend time asking you lots of questions to try to get a thorough history of your health, what you eat and what sort of factors affect your eating. You will be asked questions about your eating habits and food intake and perhaps about your digestion or any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Your dietitian will assess your nutritional needs and other factors based on the information that you provide.

But it’s not all about what your dietitian wants! She will also spend time working with you to understand what you want from your consultations.

Once she has all the information you can together come up with a plan for how to address it.

Depending on what sort of health issues you are looking to address your dietitian may

  • explain the science of your health condition so you can understand what you are working with and learn how food may influence this
  • discuss nutritional factors that may affect your health
  • work with you to create some practical ways that you can make these changes
  • answer your questions about any of these factors

In most situations there will be plenty to discuss, so it wont be able to be covered in one consultation. You may work with your dietitian to create a plan for future consultations. Ask your dietitian if there are any packages that suit your plan – prepaid consultation packages reduces the cost of your consultations (and the more you buy, the cheaper the consults!)

We recommend booking a followup consultation with enough time for you to make changes before your return, but not too far away so you forget everything you have discussed with your dietitian! The optimal time-frame will vary depending on what you have discussed with your dietitian, but an average timeframe would be booking a followup consultation for 2 weeks.

You may like to book a few appointments in advance – some people find this helps them to keep on track, and it is also great if you have a narrow window you can attend consultations, to make sure you get a time that suits you!


We often receive wonderful feedback about our services from clients. However, Accredited Dietitians are prohibited from displaying written testimonials or reviews (considered as a misleading form of advertising), according to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. Instead we encourage you to share your positive experiences with your family and friends. Thank you.