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Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

By September 30, 2016June 27th, 2017General

At Newtown Nutrition, we work closely with some of Sydneys leading weight loss surgeons – assisting their patients to get the best results from their bariatric surgery.

The main concern post-surgery is being able to get enough nutrition with such a small stomach (generally 1/2 cup portion per meal). Whilst people successfully learn to implement adequate nutrition with the limited portion size, two re-occurring complaints we hear as Dietitians is that people struggle to know what to eat socially and to come up with variety.

This image was sent in from one of our previous clients who has shown that eating post-op, doesn’t have to be boring! How’s this for a gourmet selection?

Protein – check!
Fibre – check!
Variety – check!

Eating post-op can be an exciting challenge. If you’ve had weight loss surgery and are struggling to know what to eat, check in with one of our experienced Dietitians.

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