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Embrace – The documentary

By August 28, 2016June 27th, 2017General
A review, and messages for those of us who don’t love our body.

By Molly Jones

If you have been following Newtown Nutrition on Facebook recently, you’d know that I recently took myself to go see a new documentary out called Embrace. If you missed the initial post – I’d love for you to watch the trailer before reading the rest of the post.

– – – – – – – – – – 

Embrace is the brainchild of Taryn Brumfit; a documentary on self love and body image acceptance.  Long story short, she posted a photo a few years ago  that went incredibly viral, and after being interviewed internationally on the topic of body image, she wanted a bigger platform to spread the message she so desperately wanted to share.  Embrace is told from the point of view of Taryn as she traverses the globe talking to experts, women in the street and well-known personalities about the alarming rates of body image issues that are seen in people of all body types. In her affable and effervescent style, Taryn bares all (literally) to explore the factors contributing to this problem and seeks to find solutions”.
I could wholeheartedly write pages and pages praising this film, but  instead, I’ll keep it short – simple – and helpful. Here are the 3 biggest things I took from watching this film. 

Number one.
You may think that the person who is younger than you/fitter than you; is a size smaller than you /has longer hair than you/has clearer skin than you/has more money than you/has more friends than you is more confident with their body than youBut you know what, they’re probably hating their body as much as you are.

Number two.We get exposed to hundreds and thousands of images of the ‘perfect body’; from magazines, to models, to tv commercials, to social media. The lack of diversity in our media does nothing but build upon our lack of love for our bodies. The men and women in our media don’t even look like that in reality thanks to airbrushing, excessive makeup, good lighting and a team of assistants who’s job is to make them look amazing. 

Number three.
The joy, fulfilment and happiness that becomes a part of you when you’re not stressed about the appearance of your body is life changing. I can tell you right now, that the women that walked out of the theatre after seeing this documentary had a certain glow about them. And that glow, that determination, is awe-inspiring. Because can you even imagine, how much we could do as individuals, if we weren’t concerned with how we looked. 

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Celebrating what we’ve got; right now. 

Celebrating what our bodies can do; rather than what they look like.

 Celebrating who we are as people; rather than physical entities.

Our kindness, our generosity, our courage and our happiness don’t come from what size clothes we wear or how we look in the mirror. 

This is what this documentary taught me.

And I wholeheartedly think every single person would get something out of it (young, old, male, female, happy with their body or hated their body for as long as they could remember).

For screenings in your nearest city, check out the link below.

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