Fine Fettle Eats: Vegan Product Review

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Vegan Product Review September 2017


Fine Fettle Eats review | vegan snack review

Welcome to my latest vegan product review, where I review new vegan products, looking past the smoke and mirrors to help you decide if they are worth making their way into your shopping basket.

Looking for a convenience meal in the supermarket that is tasty, quick to make, easy to prepare and well actually good for you!? Sounds too good to be true right? Well Eats meal pots by Fine Fettle come pretty darn close!

Wholesome veggie goodness in a pot

That’s their promise. Here is my review :

Fine Fettle Eats review | Vegan


Let’s be honest, taste it what makes or breaks a good product. These Eats pots come in 3 great flavours:

  • Mexican Quinoa
  • Mediterranean Quinoa
  • Vegetable and Lentil

Now bear in mind these contain no sugar or oil to overload our senses, and that the only seasoning is a little tamari, some spices and a pinch of salt. So the flavour isn’t going to smack you in the face. But personally I think they are tasty and enjoy they are not too salty, others may find a bit bland.

My top tip is add a few extra veggies or some nutritional yeast if you would like extra flavour

Score: 4/5



These products are 100% vegan friendly. Simply good,natural,  real food… just dehydrated. So no added sugar or oil! Health promoting plant foods including vegetables, wholegrains and legumes to keep your body humming. Low in total and saturated fat, moderate protein and high in fibre.

Downside: a little high in salt at 420mg/100g (252mg/serve) but honestly you will be hard pressed to find any store bought convenience food (even bread) with less than 400mg/100g

Score: 4.5/5

                                             Fine Fettle Eats review | Vegan | nutrition | taste | price               Fine Fettle Eats review | Vegan | nutrition | taste | price


At $6 a pot they are a little expensive for anyone on a tight budget. But let’s be honest, they are far less expensive than the cost of take-away or a healthy homemade meal. For small eaters they are cost effective but for larger eaters the cost can add up.

Score: 3/5

Fullness & Satisfaction:

Great as a snack or meal for those will smaller appetites. The legumes and wholegrains do help fill you up. However if you have a big appetite like me I would suggest combining with extra fruit or veggies such as tomato, carrot or baby spinach or you may even eat two!

Score: 5/5 as a snack 2.5/5 as a meal

 Fine Fettle Eats review | Vegan | nutrition | taste | price | vegan snack


Super easy to prepare and take with you on the go. Small, light and portable. Just add water. They are like a Cup-a-Soup only nourishing and good for you!

Score: 5/5



An Australian company launched in 2009, known for their ‘Flats’ wholefood crackers, this is their newest product. Accessibility is fair but could be better. Eats are starting to appear in supermarkets such as Coles and Woolies, mostly in the health food aisle, but not in all supermarkets just yet. These tend to appear more in local IGA’s and Foodworks at the moment.
Score: 2.5/5 but soon to improve

To check out more about these products have a peek at their website:

Fine Fettle Eats review | Vegan | nutrition | taste | price | vegan snack

So that’s my two cents. I would keep a few of these in my cupboard for a rainy day or when I know I am travelling somewhere with limited nourishing food options.

Vegan Product Review by plant-based/vegan dietitian (APD/AN) Amber Sewell-Green

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