Family Style Meals

Family style meals are about coming together around the table (or the like) and sharing a meal. 

The meal is placed at the center, so that all members of the family can help themselves to the food the way they like it. 

There’s food that everyone generally accepts and can eat, alongside food that some members are still learning to accept. 

Sometimes I get my favourite. Sometimes someone else gets their favourite.

This is when children get to practice passing a food dish, asking for items, serve themselves and respectfully saying ‘yes please’ or ‘no thank you’. 

This when children decide whether they eat and how much. 

This is when children do a whole lot of learning about how to eat and enjoy food, and importantly how to recognise their body’s appetite signals. 

This is when they get to make mistakes with food so that they can adjust what they might try next time.  

It can be a lovely rich experience. 

How do you serve dinner? What works well for you?


Inés Astudillo, Paediatric Dietitian


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