Clinical Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

We can help you develop a more positive relationship with food, and to start breaking down the barriers stopping you from living a life free of guilt and distress around food.

Perhaps you’ve been put off seeking help because healthcare providers in the past haven’t understood the depth of your emotions around food or eating. Maybe you’re a person who’s been keeping a secret about how negative your relationship with food is for a long time, and didn’t think you could change things. Or maybe you have an eating disorder and know you need support – whether that might be a gentle exploration of ideas, knowledge, and possible food changes; or whether you’re ready to set and achieve goals to change the way you relate to food.

Some of the ways we can help you are:

  • Working with you at the level of change that you’re ready to take on board
  • Exploring the relationship between food and anxiety: what keeps the anxiety going, and how can you change this situation?
  • Helping people to break the cycle of out-of-control binging on foods
  • Working with you to “join the dots” and understand all the influences upon how you eat, what you eat, and how it makes you feel.
  • Achieving a healthy, balanced diet to nourish mind and body
    Working towards achieving a healthier relationship with food
  • Building confidence about making food choices
  • Working towards achieving flexibility and freedom about how, what and where to eat food
  • Our team has genuine experience working with many people who have needed to change the way they interact with food because of negative thoughts or emotions.
  • We provide support at an in-depth level to change your relationship with food -we don’t just give advice looking at isolated outward symptoms

Please note: for children 17yrs and under, attending with a parent or guardian we offer a longer Initial Consultation (75mins) to allow adequate time.

Consultation packages that may be of interest:

Working though a challenging relationship with food – with Claire Marnane

Our dietitians who can support your condition:

Claire Marnane, Eating Disorders Dietitian, Mindful Eating Dietitian, Newtown Nutrition

Claire Marnane

My passion is working with people whose relationship with food has become a destructive one. I love to help people work towards a place where they… view bio