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Do you have family history of health conditions you are trying to avoid? Do you have issues with energy, ADHD, anxiety, depression, muscle aches and pains, fertility issues, unexplained overweight, food intolerances or other issues and want to test for genetic influences?

Gene testing, or nutrigenomics, is a wonderful way to discover how your genes may impact your health. Our genes determine how our body uses certain nutrients and not everyone metabolises nutrients in the same way. Through gene testing, you can learn your individual genetic profile, including whether you carry genes that are linked to inflammation, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, coeliac disease and obesity.
Understanding your genes is an important way that you can take control of your health. After learning your genetic profile, you can make better informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle choices and you can have an individual nutrition plan, tailored to your DNA.

At Newtown Nutrition, we can conduct your gene test using the SmartDNA Genomic Wellness test. The test involves gathering a saliva sample from you, in the office, which will then be sent to a lab for processing. Results generally take 3-4 weeks to be completed.

For gene testing, we recommend at least two consultations with a dietitian. At the initial consultation, we conduct the gene test and also gather a complete medical history, family history, diet history and an understanding for your personal nutrition goals. At your first follow up appointment, we will provide and discuss your results. At this appointment, we will develop an individualised nutrition plan for you. These two consults are 60 minutes each.

We offer a genetic testing package which includes your initial and follow up consultation at a reduced cost of $300. The cost of the gene test, which is separate from the cost of the consultations, is $396, made payable to SmartDNA at the time of our consultation.

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