Understanding Food Cravings and Emotional Eating, Mindful & Intuitive Eating

Dieting and ‘food rules’ are NOT the answer to long-term weight management or quality of life…

Restricting and depriving foods and/or doing excessive exercise for weight loss due to preoccupation with body shape and size is a cultural norm in western society. Not only are weight loss measures often difficult for most people to stick to, attempts have been shown to lead to exacerbated problems with body image, depression, disordered eating and weight regain.

Did you know that 95% of people who lose weight from restrictive dieting regain any weight they lost and are also likely to gain more?

Frequent weight loss dieting can result in reduced metabolism, reduced bone density, increased stress hormone production and reduced health, which all assist in weight gain. People often blame themselves for their failed attempts to stick to the diet or keep weight off, but the reality is that the act of dieting is what leads them to fail.

People who have a long history of dieting, including weighing and measuring foods, counting calories, and eating specific portions at prescribed times of the day, often no longer know how to listen to how much food their body truly wants or needs at any give time.

What is The Non-Diet Approach:

Allowing you to build skills and confidence in your own ability to select appropriate foods for your body in appropriate amounts. It is a focus on health and healthy behaviours regardless of current body shape or weight, rather than focusing solely on what it takes to change the way you look. It encourages focusing on eating and activity that will make you feel good and and want to continue doing long-term.

The approach may focus on:

  • mindful eating and learning to become more aware of your hunger & fullness
  • building trust and acting on body cues (hunger, fullness, stress, cravings etc.)
  • accepting and embracing all foods, ditching food ‘rules’, natural eating
  • eating for nutrition
  • accepting and embracing joyful movement
  • reframing your values of body weight and shape, acknowledging size diversity

Dieting approach*:
Inflexible, quantitative, prescriptive, rigid, perfection-seeking, good or bad foods, rules, deprivation, time-based, fear-driven, guilt-inducing, shaming, body hatred, hunger, struggle, rationalising, temptation, thought-consuming, punishing.

Non-Diet approach*:
Flexible, accepting, welcomes all foods, intuitive, qualitative, supporting, enjoyable, life balance, appreciating, comfort, confidence, variety, freedom, natural, calm, pleasurable, kindness, nurturing, grateful, nourishing, forgiving, satisfaction, trust-building.

*Taken from healthnotdiets.com

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