Weight Management

Do you find yourself on the weight loss rollercoaster, yo-yoing from weight loss to weight gain and back again? Our Dietitians can help you break the diet cycle with practical, sustainable changes to your eating.

Our Dietitians understand that losing body fat isn’t easy. And for most people that do manage to lose weight (often through restrictive eating /dieting and/or intense exercise), it’s re-gained (sometimes plus extra) not long after. Can you relate? This can not only have a negative impact on physical health, but also mental and emotional well-being!   

So rather than promising you unrealistic long-term weight-loss solutions, we believe in taking a much more positive approach to you looking after yourself. As food and nutrition experts, we can help you find ways to change eating habits that you feel are unhelpful, but also consider your activity, sleep, stress, hormones, medications and medical conditions – as these are all important pieces of the puzzle! 

Some of the ways we may be able to help you include: 

  • Making suggestions for meal and snack ideas 
  • Identifying and reducing times when you eat for reasons other than hunger 
  • Reducing the frequency that you eat past fullness (e.g. large portions) 
  • Learning to better listen to your hunger and fullness cues 
  • Meal planning and food preparation tips 
  • Suggestions for balancing meals with foods that will nourish your body 
  • Normalising your eating (ditching food rules if you have a history of dieting) so that your eating is flexible, enjoyable and satisfying 
  • Finding movement and activities you enjoy for fun and to improve your fitness, mobility, muscle and bone density, physical and mental health, and general well-being
  • Along with mindset tools including goal setting and overcoming roadblocks

Our dietitians who can support your condition:

Dana Segal

I believe that everyone should feel empowered to take control of their own health, and I can give you the skills to make this your reality… view bio

Amber Sewell-Green, Plant-based dietitian. Amber can help you with Vegetarian and Vegan Diets.

Amber Sewell-Green

I have grown up rummaging in gardens and taking delight in sharing food with others as a symbol of love and affection. In fact, to my knowledge… view bio