Introducing our vegan dietitian Amber Sewell-Green

Why did I became a vegan dietitian?

With all the fantastic info and research out there on the benefits of plant based diets from doctors and health professionals such as Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Niel Barnard, Dr. Klapper, Dr.McDougal, T.Colin Campbell, Brenda Davis, Dr. Garth Davis and Dr.Gregar (to name a few) you’d think there would be tonnes of plant based (vegan) dietitians in Australia right??

Well, actually no! Out of roughly 9,400 dietitians in Australia there are about 7 who are actually vegan/ 100% plant-based, with only 3 in Sydney.

So what made me switch from the old:

But you need meat and dairy for iron and bone health and muscles and to make you grow big and strong

to where I am now: prescribing a wholefoods plant-based diet for optimal health and longevity?


Watch the video to find out 🙂

Sidenote, this was the first video I ever recorded so the technique was still to be smoothed over haha! But you get the gist!


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