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Keeping you safe with online consultations

By March 25, 2020May 28th, 2020General

Update June 2020

Our dietitians are now offering Face-to-Face appointments once more on selected days. If you prefer an appointment in clinic please discuss with our team to organise your next appointment.

Things are getting a little crazy at the moment with so many services shutting down. As a health service your dietitian consultations at Newtown Nutrition are, of course, essential so we want to reassure you that business will be continuing and we are doing the best we can to keep you safe.

On Sunday 22nd March our State and Federal leaders have announced that all non-essential services are to be shut down. Health services including dietitians are considered essential. However we know from 10years providing consultations online that it is NOT essential for our clients to be in the same room as the dietitian to achieve the same quality of care.

It is important to all of us at Newtown Nutrition that we are playing our part in keeping you, our clients, as well as our staff safe by reducing the risk of Coronavirus.
The research is showing that limiting contact as much as possible does make a difference in reducing the spread of this virus. Although there are many situations that can’t be avoided to have contact, our dietitian services are one example of a service that can be provided without contact so we are doing our part in keeping people at home and away from public transport.

Over the past few weeks our team have worked hard to keep the clinic as sanitised as possible and try to achieve safe-distancing in consultations, which is totally achievable in our clinic. We are aware however that many of our clients as well as staff utilise public transport to get to their appointments which is putting them at risk. If the trip was essential you would take that risk, but because we know you can get the same support WITHOUT taking that risk so we feel it is the responsible course of action to limit travel and exposure for all. Safety for clients and staff is our number 1 priority.

So we have decided that it is our responsibility to limit the extra journey by providing all dietitan consultations online in the short term, so our dietitians can still provide you with the support that you need, without any need to compromise your health and safety.

Will my online consultation be as good?
Online consultations are certainly new territory for many people and some people are concerned that it wont be the same experience or wont be as beneficial for them. So I want to reassure that we’ve got you covered.
Newtown Nutrition has been providing online consultations for nearly 10years so our dietitians have refined their skills and adapted their face-to-face consultation to work in an online environment.
Our dietitians know how important it is to connect with clients so they make sure they focus on this in an online consultation just as they would for a consultation in the clinic.
We still use the same resources and tools, so you miss out on nothing but the travel.

What you can do to improve your online consultation
Our dietitians will conduct the consultation in exactly the same way as if you were sitting in the same room. For you to get the same quality experience out of your online consultation we also need you to treat it the same way you would if you were in the clinic with us too.
Take the time out of your busy day to sit somewhere quiet, away from distractions. Remember this is a private conversation between you and your dietitian so sit somewhere that you can talk freely. We find that you will likely have the best experience if you use headphones.
A bigger screen (eg laptop/computer with webcam or ipad) may make the experience a bit more ‘normal’ but you can also use your smartphone.
We have more tips on our website: Tips to improve your Skype consultation

What do I need to do?
Our team will be in touch with anyone who has an appointment coming up soon to ensure that you are easily able to make this switch and they will step you through any tech support you require.

Can I get a rebate for my online consultation?
Many health funds do provide rebates for online consultations. Check with your fund for details.
At this stage Medicare rebates are not applicable for Telehealth (online) consultations. However we are waiting on an announcement from the government in the next 24-48hrs so we will keep you updated as soon as this changes.

Our job is to support your health, so we wish for you to say as safe an healthy as you can over this tumultuous time.
Out dietitians will be providing some tips on supporting your immunity on Facebook shortly, so make sure you follow Newtown Nutrition Facebook page and keep your eye out for some useful tips.

Wising good health to all
Liz Beavis
Director, Newtown Nutrition

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