Can Meditation help your gut?

By December 6, 2017Restore Your Gut

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Our guest blogger Natalia Mazzi shares some insights into the importance of meditation on the digestive system

Meditation and Digestion Natalia MazziYour digestive system has an intimate connection with the mind. First and foremost, everything you put in your mouth is because of you. All eating issues are linked with the mind and can also be solved by it. Those who are more aware and educated eat a better quality food, whereas those who are unaware and uneducated eat without a regard for nutrition.

We must ask ourselves, “What determines what you put in your mouth? And is it your conscious awareness, or just a physical craving?” Understanding the mind is not only about what you put in your mouth, but how you feel emotionally—good and bad—when you eat.

The world is filled with stress and when this stress affects our digestive system, problems occur. When our mind cannot detach from stress, it becomes our body’s. When the stomach is stressed, it tends to release too much stomach acid thereby causing a problem. When the small intestines become hard and rigid, the nutrients in food are not properly absorbed. As food moves into the large intestines another stress related problem can occur – constipation. When one cannot mentally relax, the large intestines cannot function naturally.
When one cannot eliminate waste by regular bowel movements, toxins in the physical body accumulate. NM

zen stones relax meditation gutMeditation, focus on the breath and deep breathing can be a useful way to calm the body and get out of the fight-or-flight response many of us live in due to our busy and stressful lifestyles. Try scheduling at least a couple of minutes each day (ideally morning and evening) to close your eyes and breathe deep into your belly. Taking some deep breaths before a meal may also help your digestion.

Updated by Amanda Moon, healthy gut dietitian

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