Working Through A Challenging Relationship with Food

These packages are specifically tailored to help meet the needs of people who’s relationship with food is distressing and is negatively impacting upon their lives and well-being.

Making changes to our thoughts around food, body image, what we eat and how we eat is not easy.

These packages have been developed to give you the time and space to process all the elements necessary to enable authentic change to be possible.

(In case you’re wondering – white, green and brown are the colours of the Newtown Nutrition pear logo.)

These packages don’t have any fancy inclusions, they are about time – ensuring you have enough time to focus on you. These packages include 60min consultations.


White Package $430 (Value $480)

3 x 60 minute sessions (10% off consultation price)

The White package provides a good starting point if you know you have things to work through, but aren’t quite sure how far ahead you want to commit. Or perhaps you feel confident that with a bit of knowledge and support you’ll be able to make changes to your lifestyle quite comfortably. Either way, it’s a good little package for you.


Green $680 (Value $800)

5 x 60 minute sessions (15% off consultation price)

or 4 x 60 minute sessions and 2 x 30 minute sessions (nb – the ratio of 60:30 minute sessions is negotiable)

The Green package works well if you know that the challenges you have with food and weight are not simple, and you want to give yourself some time and headspace to work through the ideas and changes.


Brown Package $1280 (Value $1600)

10 x 60 minute sessions (20% discount on consultations)

or 8 x 60 minute sessions and 4 x 30 minute sessions (nb –the ratio of 60:30 minute sessions is negotiable)

The Brown package provides the highest level of ongoing support. This is the package for you if your instincts tell you that you need time and space to talk through a range of topics, and you know you need to make slow, gradual changes in your life to redevelop a more healthy relationship with food.

Our dietitians who offer these packages:

Claire Marnane, Eating Disorders Dietitian, Mindful Eating Dietitian, Newtown Nutrition

Claire Marnane

My passion is working with people whose relationship with food has become a destructive one. I love to help people work towards a place where they… view bio