No More Dieting

Rationale – the truth about dieting:

These days, being unhappy with our bodies and judging ourselves because of our body weight is seen as ‘normal’. Feeling bad that we aren’t at our most desired body weight (often depicted by the media) is widely accepted, as is the idea that we ‘should’ lose weight to look and feel better. But often it’s only those in the diet and weight-loss industry that gain from these thoughts and actions!

Have you heard that the quickest way to gain weight is by starting a diet (aka eating based on restrictions and food rules)? Hundreds of studies show that the majority of people who lose weight on a diet regain most of it within the first year, and often gain more than what they initially lost. When we make drastic and unrealistic changes to our eating, especially if restricting overall energy, the body compensates and adapts in many ways, making it very difficult to sustain the diet and/or the results. If you can relate to this, please don’t feel hard on yourself – the diet was the failure, not you!

Dieting can also have a significant negative impact on mental and emotional health, being seen as a risk factor for disordered eating, exacerbating body dissatisfaction, causing food obsession, low mood and even depression.

Chasing numbers on the scale or a dress size no longer sounds such a great idea! Focusing your efforts on losing weight often means forgetting about the process (how you are taking care of yourself). Making a commitment to change how you look after your body, and focus more on doing things because they make you feel good, improve your fitness and strength, improve your mental and emotional well-being, connect you with social networks etc. are likely to provide you with benefits without it all being for weight-loss.

The truth about health and looking after ourselves:

A much better way to look after yourself is to shift the focus away from weight-loss and put more attention into your small (or large) everyday behaviours. This doesn’t mean having to let go of weight-loss straight away if that is scary for you – it’s natural to feel attached to losing weight when you have been trying for a long time. Initially it may be helpful to just start considering “How can I look after myself today?”

People are often concerned about what will happen to their health when they let go of their weight focus. While weight-loss is commonly thought of as a good way to improve health, the scales don’t really tell us anything about how healthy our bodies are. We can be healthy at any size if we are regularly engaging in healthy behaviours like eating well, getting enough sleep, have minimal stress or use stress-reduction techniques, being active, having social connections etc.

What the ‘No More Dieting’ program offers you:

Freedom to let go of your weight focus and start focusing more on taking care of yourself.

Eliminating food and eating restrictions and rules by learning to trust your body to tell you when, what and how to eat (being a more mindful and intuitive eater).
Learning about non-diet nutrition.

Eating in a flexible way that honours hunger, fullness, appetite and pleasure, and removes any food judgement.

Accepting and respecting the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes.
Finding enjoyment from moving your body and being active.
You will be guided through each concept, progressing as fast or slow as you need and want.

The No More Dieting Package includes:

  •  4 x 60 minute consultations
  • 2 x 30 minute consultations
  • All with our dietitian Amanda Moon. Some ‘homework’ is recommended.

Cost: You can choose to pay for individual consultations, otherwise a discounted rate of $640 (20% disc.) is offered for upfront payments.

Our dietitians who offer this package:

Amanda Moon

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