The Top 7 Things to Consider Before Meeting With Your Dietitian

Our dietitians at Newtown Nutrition are passionate about what they do! They love talking about food, eating habits, health, supporting diet-related conditions and assisting you with whatever your needs may be.

Considering there could be so much they would like to talk to you about, it’s helpful if you consider what it is YOU would like to learn or talk about at your initial consult.

  1. What support you are after (choose one):
    • for a one-off consult for education / advice only
    • for some ongoing support, including to set some goals and work towards creating new habits
  2. What type of changes do you wish to make (choose one):
    • Are you hoping for a diet overhaul to kick-start a new approach to your eating habits
    • Would you prefer small changes to start with that are realistic for you to implement and incorporate into your daily habits?
    • Are you ONLY interested in discussing your diet / food OR would you like a holistic approach from your dietitian e.g. how other lifestyle factors (e.g. stress, poor sleep) may be impacting your situation and what to do?
  3. What sorts of things would you like to talk to your dietitian about? Some examples include:
    • Specific advice for a health condition
    • Eating less processed foods and more whole / natural foods
    • Glycaemic Index
    • How the hormone insulin affects weight management
    • Improving the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
    • Eating more plant foods / less animal foods
    • Eating more vegetables or plant foodss
    • Anti-inflammatory diet
    • Antioxidants for health
    • Meal ideas
    • Snack ideas
    • Cutting down on alcohol
    • Cutting down on sweetened drinks
    • How much is too much caffeine for my results
    • How to interpret labels and information on food packaging
    • Learning how to better listen to my body’s hunger and fullness signals
    • Managing non-hungry eating habits (e.g. for boredom, emotions, other reasons)
    • Managing hunger or food cravings
  4. Do you have a doctor referral? You don’t need a referral to see our dietitians, however, if you have a health condition, you are recommended to speak with your GP before your initial consult at Newtown Nutrition.
  5. If you have recent blood test results, please bring these with you, or you can send us a copy beforehand via email to or fax to (02) 9519 5625
  6. If you have a complicated health history it may be helpful to make a note of some of the important aspects which may help save some time in your consultation
  7. Some people find it helpful to keep a food diary before your consultation. You can download a Food Diary to print or use an App on your phone or computer.