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Two Great Resources for Healthy Recipe Videos

By February 28, 2017June 27th, 2017General

I think it’s safe to assume that as Dietitians, we are automatically expected to be great in the kitchen! While that may be the case for some – I know that I personally make the same handful of meals every week. I have my go-to “can’t be bothered or finishing late” meals or my “feeling healthy, need lots of vegies or light and tasty” meals, and then the week night favourites that I resort back to when my imagination has got the better of me!

It goes without saying that I, like the rest of us, struggle to come up with new and exciting things to keep my cooking exciting. I am constantly trailing through food magazines at the checkout or on looking for some fresh inspiration for the kitchen.

Today I’m sharing two of my go-to resources for healthy, simple and tasty meals that are sure to keep your inner chef happy! Added bonus – they’re recipe videos!

Jamie Olivers “Food Tube”

Tastemade’s Healthy Channel

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