My Favourite Festive Plant-Based (Vegan) Christmas Recipes

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Now as I’m sure you know, Christmas is a time that can bring a lot of anxiety to anyone who has chosen not to consume animal products. So below are some of my favourite vegan/plant-based recipes to share with loved ones at Christmas time.

I’ve included a range of recipes that are perfect for our Australian Summer Christmas including lots of fresh salads and plant-based meals to share with even the fussiest family members. There’s also some heart-warming vegan Christmas dishes that would sit perfectly in a Winter Christmas feast as well.

To help make things even easier for you over the festive season I have another blog with some great tips for how to survive Christmas or Festive meals with your non-vegan family, which can often be an emotive topic. The article also shares a few tips on how to nourish and give a li’l love to yourself during this often ironically hectic and stressful time of year.

Heirloom Tomatoes. Image source: Nisha @rainbowplantlife

My Favourite Festive Plant-Based (Vegan) Christmas Recipes

The focus of my recipe recommendations is on Festive foods – foods that look great and taste great, fabulous plant-based meals that your (non-vegan) family would love to share with you. For me the focus at Christmas is on celebration, and enjoying time with family.

These are festive foods and this post is really about embracing the fun of Christmas and giving  you and your loved ones ideas for how to engage in the foodie traditions in a plant-based or vegan way. I work with people with a range of different health needs, so, as always, bear in mind whether you might need to tweak these recipes slightly based upon things we might have discussed in our consultations.

I’m personally not a fan of mock meats, I never will be. They just seem so alien and unnatural to me. So hopefully these recipes inspire you to make something delicious (using real plant wholefoods) to share with your loves ones and make them go, hmm vegan food is pretty darn tasty! Why haven’t I done this before??

Some of these recipes below are similar (see lentil loaves for example). But I’ve given you a few options to let you find your own personal faves.

Vegan Christmas Main Course Dishes

The Lentil, Mushroom & Walnut Roulade has been a staple at our Christmas Table the past few years. I make mine without oil as there’s enough in the pastry and it turns out absolutely fine! I also add a decent ½ a cup of walnuts and sometimes use different mushrooms: swiss brown, oyster, shiitake etc

* Top Tip: you can also purchase reduced fat versions of pastry from your regular supermarket chains or wholemeal/spelt versions from health food stores such as Dr. Earth (in Newtown)

For anyone who doesn’t want to make their own Vegan Roast, the Susie Spoon’s, Grain Meats Co Field Roast (available at Dr Earth, Newtown) and Cruelty Free Shop Vegan ‘Roasts’ are apparently quite good and are made from more natural ingredients than some of the alternatives. I haven’t tried them yet so if you do make sure you let me know your favourite!

Butternut squash egg-free quiche. Image source: Nisha @rainbowplantlife

Vegan Christmas Salads

Barley & Chickpea Salad. Image Source: Caroline Trickey @healthyhomecafe

Vegan Christmas Sides

Top Tip: get creative with hummus: try making avocado hummus, kale hummus, olive tapenade hummus, beetroot hummus, pumpkin hummus or my personal favourite roasted red pepper hummus (recipe soon to come!)

Easy Baked Rosemary Beet Chips! Fast, healthy and SO simple. #vegan #glutenfree #minimalistbaker

Rosemary Beetroot Chips. Photo Source: Minimalist Baker

Vegan Christmas Desserts

Top Tip: For a coconut alternative with cream try “cashew cream” made with soaked cashews blended with optional maple and/or rum

vegan rum balls by audrey @unconventionalbaker

Vegan Christmas Drinks

Simple Vegan Chai Latte | Basic ingredients, fast and SO spicy and delicious! #vegan #chai #glutenfree #minimalistbaker

Vegan Nog. Image Source: Minimalist Baker

Have yourself a merry plant-based Christmas!

So there you have it. A collection of my fave vegan/wholefood plant-based festive recipes to delight your senses and wow your family on Christmas day. Don’t forget to check out my blog on hot tips to survive heated arguments or stigmatism and make the most of this gratuitous day.

Happy Holidays Beautiful People!

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