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Low FODMAP meal delivery review. We Feed You meal delivery

I recently had the pleasure of trying some of the Low FODMAP meals from We Feed You – a home meal delivery company. I love that a company like this is now offering a range of meals suited for those of us with FODMAP intolerances, as I hadn’t heard of anyone catering for this until now. Whether you’re looking for a company to offer a whole week’s worth of main meals, or simply for a We Feed You meal delivery. Review. Low FODMAPsfew freezer back-ups, this could be helpful for you.

We Feed You not only cater for low FODMAPs, but also for other intolerance needs such as gluten and lactose-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, diabetic, garlic & onion-free, plus others.

The company is currently delivering their frozen meals to selected suburbs in NSW, VIC and ACT. My understanding is that they plan to increase the range of delivery suburbs in time, so feel free to make an inquiry if your suburb is not currently listed.

How does We Feed You meal delivery work?

You order the products online via their website, selecting however many meals you like – go to the navigation menu and select by dietary need category.

You can click into the meals for a listing of ingredients if you need to check, as well as the Nutrient Information Panel with details for protein, fat, carbs, sodium etc.

If you’re not sure which meals to choose, you can let them make a selection for you with their discounted variety boxes. Delivery is free for all orders over $99. Enter your delivery address and payment details, and you will be notified of the delivery day and time. If you won’t be home at this time, they’ll leave the box at your door if it’s convenient.

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We Feed You Low FODMAPs meal delivery menu

The meals I tried were:

Middle Eastern Beef w/ Goats Cheese, Veggies & Rice. We Feed You Low FODMAPs Meal Delivery review    Moroccan Chicken with Quinoa, Green Olives, Tomato & Lemon. We Feed You Low FODMAPs Meal Delivery review    Miso Tofu & Edamame with Carrot & Pickled Cabbage, We Feed You Low FODMAPs Meal Delivery review    Chinese Spiced Lamb with Green Veggies, Peanuts, Brown Rice. We Feed You Low FODMAPs Meal Delivery review

Low FODMAPs meal delivery review

I thought the flavours of all four low FODMAPs meals where great. In fact I was very surprised at how tasty they were. I also thought the portions where quite generous, particularly of the protein. Actually, I thought  the meat-based meals (as opposed to the Vegan one I tried) had more meat than I needed and so next time I would split the meal in half to make two separate meals. Regardless of doing this, I’d suggest adding extra vegetables, as the portions of these were smaller than I’d recommend. You could cook up a big batch of veg at the start of a week to add to your meals, or have a salad on the side (with lots of colour of course please).

Compared to many competitor companies, the ingredients list is quite clean, being made up mostly of real food – yay! Please note though that many of the meals have preservative 223 (sulphites) in the lemon juice and goats cheese. If you have a sensitivity to this, it may not be suitable for you, but will depend on how sensitive you are and how often you eat these meals.

I hope this helps. I’d love to hear any of your feedback if you’ve try the meals too – leave a comment to share.

Amanda Moon xx

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