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Welcome to our new website newtown nutritition

We are so excited to finally share our new website with you. It has been a long time coming as it is choc-full of information for new clients as well as something new for our current clients!

We have a few new features in our new website

  • Each of our dietitians has a blog on one of their favourite topics that they are passionate about (see below for a taster of new articles)
    • IBS, food intolerances and gut health  – Restore your Gut with Amanda Moon
    • Helping you heal your relationship with food – Comfort.Food – are you comfortable with food?
    • The benefits of a plant-based diet – lots of nutrition tips & recipes highlighting the benefits of plant-based eating for vegans, vegetarians an anyone who wants to eat more fruit & vegetables – Green Food with Amber Sewell-Green
    • Supporting parents through fussy eating and childhood nutrition – Kids can Eat with Ines Astudillo
  • Online bookings to make it easier for you!
    • choose your dietitian, then book a consultation straight from their Bio page using our online portal
  • And more to come! We are working on building more new areas  on our website including
    • websites we love
    • businesses we love
    • reviews of books, apps, products and more we love

And the changes don’t end there. Our newsletter is next in line for an overhaul – watch this space!

In the meantime you have the chance to individualise your email newsletters from Newtown Nutrition.

  • You can continue with an overview email with the highlights on a range of topics (just like this one)
  • Or if one (or more) of our blogs ticks your box, you can choose to get regular email updates as we add new articles on that blog. You can sign up to our specialist newsletters by clicking on the signup panel on each blog
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